Hello, hello! I have survived the coldest weekend we’ve had in Tennessee since I’ve been here. In fact, they say it was the coldest it’s been since the 80’s. I do know for a fact that it has been cold here before, because I have stood on frozen ponds a time or two, and that wasn’t the case this time. So it was only a couple of days of arctic cold and things have already begun to thaw.

It was so cold we lost water for two days, and when I say we I mean a big part of the county I live in. Some lost it for even longer and I did a pretty good job not complaining about it. We had a very small trickle so we were able to slowly fill jugs for some basic household needs. I will say I was not the most thrilled about two days of not being able to properly wash dishes. Of all the things to miss doing, I missed washing dishes. I am all caught up as of this morning though, and even got to do some laundry, which I didn’t really miss doing.

Other than the weather – if it wasn’t cold it was raining this month, and we had weeks of rain – I’ve been very much a homebody for most of December. I have been mindful to make some time to get away and visit with a friend on a few occasions. One such day we went junk store browsing, a thing I very much like to do and think I should do more often.

What the ‘homebody’ life looks like for me.

This month has also found me in front of the computer a little more than usual. I am almost a two year old nutrition coach, and still very much a newbie as far as making a coaching business, but it’s already getting close to time for me to recertify, so I have been studying for that and getting some online things in place for being able to take on more clients this coming year. I finally feel ready to step out of my comfort zone and go a bit bigger. I’ve had a few too many obstacles, mostly of my own doing, that have kept me back the last two years and I am ready to move past them.

I went out the other night with my camera for the first time in a really long time. (I still cannot believe I went on vacation this year and completely forgot all about taking the ‘real’ camera with me. It was a first.) It was a fun little refresher course on how to use it since it seemed none of my settings were how they used to be. But anyway, I was reminded of how much I like taking pictures of things other than random iPhone photos, and I think I will be toting my camera around again like the old days. Although, these iPhones do have some pretty amazing camera taking features I am told. Well, iPhone camera or another kind, that is one thing I always have on hand, something to capture the moments. And I am looking forward to all the moments of 2023.

That’s all I have for you all this time. The end of the year clock is ticking.

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