Hello, all you fine people. How is your 2023 going so far? I have been wonderfully productive. I’ve already accomplished one of my 2023 goals and we are only three days into the new year.  Correction, we are now 4 days into the new year and this is my second attempt at this post.  I had it done, but due to some technical difficulties, half my post got lost and I had to start over.  Alright, moving on. I thought I would do a month by month 2022 Recap. Some months had more going on than others and some months were almost a carbon copy of the month before. Let’s see if I can even come up with 12 highlights of the last year. Here I go, in chronological order.


I went to an alpaca farm. This was fun and something I had wanted to do for a while once I found out there was an Alpaca farm only 30 minutes away from me. The former teacher in me made it a field trip and I invited my school friends to join. It was fun and I got now know where to get my winter wool socks from.


We became land lords and had our first away from home trip with Aspen the puppy. The idea of renting our vacant house had been an idea for about two years. We (mostly me) even contemplated renting it as an Air B and B. It was finally decided we should just go for it, rent it out, and see what happens. There was a huge interest in the place and the first couple who looked at it rented it. So far the rental business has been wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for better renters and they have really transformed the place. I only wish I had a picture for that. Aspen in a Nashville Air B and B will have to do.


This is the month the boy turned 21 and I finally am starting to feel my age. Nothing has made me more aware of how old I am than seeing my boy grow up.


I now mentally refer to April as cherry blossom month. This is when they are blooming and I absolutely love to see them. Downtown Jackson close to where Stephen works has several so I took a short drive to walk around and take some pictures. April is also the month I think we spent the most time on the back deck. It was nice out there this year and I had some flowers, for once, to make it look even nicer.



May is when the kudzu takes over and it looks as if we are surrounded by a jungle.  And May is when the vineyard is in full bloom.



This is the month Daisy showed up at our door step.  She did alright in the desert Southwest, but her forever home was going to be in West Tennessee.  She has been a wonderful addition to the Thorpe household and Aspen is her best friend.


This is the month that Stephen got a vehicle upgrade.  He’s a full time truck driver now instead of just one when he needs to haul something.  (Truck driver meaning that he no longer drives a car.  🙂 )  We love the truck!  In fact, for Stephen, driving my Mini is a definite down grade.

And what is always something you get to do when you have a truck?  Help your friends move.  That’s what we did the first weekend we got the truck.  Well that and get some ice cream, because why not.


This is the month it gets really hot, so after spending a lot of time outdoors in July – July is also Blueberry and Blackberry picking month – I retreat indoors as much as I can in August.  It seemed to have been an uneventful month according to my camera roll.  There was a lot of time inside with the puppies.


Instead of starting September picking muscadines, we went to the beach.  We always pick too early so for once we thought to not even bother looking for possibly ripe muscadines for a couple weeks more.  Wouldn’t ya know, it was the one year we actually should have started at this time.  Anyway nothing could have been done about that cause we were on the Gulf Coast.  We had a great time.  And a highlight of this trip, staying in a tiny home for a few days that had an outdoor shower.  That was cool!

A tiny house in Fairhope, AL

We got home and I went straight to picking and selling grapes for the rest of the month.  It was a pretty good month!


This highlight of this month was more so for Stephen, I was just around for emotional support.  His company got to host the Governor for an a broadband internet event.  It was a last minute thing, and Stephen only had about a week to pull it all together.  It turned out very well!


We went to Branson, Missouri for the 6th time.  We had just as good of a time as ever, and it may seem I have forgotten to write that post, I have not.  🙂


Now for the last of the year.  I’d have to say the big event of this month was the arctic cold that hasn’t been since the 80’s, that caused rolling blackouts and loss of water for several days.  It sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?  It really wasn’t that bad.  It was cold!  But three days later it was warm again.

Overall, not a bad year!  Thanks for following along.  Now on to 2023 and what all it has in store for us.  I gave up consistently doing my video clip a day around September, so I spent the last day of 2022 filling in the clips for the four months I was behind.  I posted the 2 minute version on Facebook, but you all will get the 6 minute one.  One last look at my 2022.  (And it appears, you will have to click the link to watch my video.  I tried to imbed the video here on the page, but it is not my day as far as blog editing.)

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