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Dear Diary 2019: One Week of August

August, you’ve been a hot one.   Also, a bit of an emotionally draining one – and we’ve just started. But, I still love your beauty. Your foggy mornings, and your impending harvest. I’m going to enjoy every second you have to offer, knowing that once your month […]

Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 35 – 36

A little bit of a lot has been going on, and like other years before, a lot of my recent time this month has been spent outside.  It’s that time of the year, the time I write way too much about muscadines and vineyard stuff.  Today is no […]

The 38th and 39th Friday of 2017

These weeks are all about picking grapes and making wine.  Pretty much anyway.  I can recap last week with this week since both weeks looked pretty similar.  You may be happy to read that I won’t be talking about the vineyard much anymore after this post.  The season […]

The 34th Friday of 2017

What a week!  But it was a good week: the solar eclipse, first day of school, and the beginning of muscadine season were all part of this week.  So. Much. Going. On. Let me start with Sunday.  We picked out at the vineyard for the second time and […]