Dear Diary 2019: The Final Days of Summer

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Happy Saturday!  I had a few choices of what to do this evening: sew, blog, clean, or write pattern reviews.  I chose blog.  If I am fast enough, once I am done here I will either write a couple of pattern reviews or I will cut out a new dress.  I am happy to say I have nothing pending in the sewing queue personally – for the Etsy shop, well, that is another story.  I have yet to get to restocking over there; but, such is life, so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

As my title implies, my summer days are numbered.  Back to school for me is in about a week.  Summer flew by, and it didn’t matter that my school days teaching my boy were done, it still flew by.  No other major summer events to write about, besides the rest of that trip to Gatlinburg.  Basically this summer was just like our normal summers.  We are planning a second Buffalo River float next week and I am really looking forward to it.  I am also emptying the grape freezer this week and making wine with the rest of last year’s fruit.  Just in time before I start filling it up again with this year’s.  Muscadine harvest is probably about 2-3 weeks away.

Had my first go at apple wine this week.

I got a few things accomplished this summer that I wanted to have done.  One being that quilt I started years back.  The one I was making with all those fabric scraps from my first couple years of dressmaking.  It’s done!  I have a plan to take it somewhere cool to get some nice pictures of it, so for now you can see it on the floor of my living room and with me on my boy’s trampoline.  I am very happy with it!  And I may kick that black and white one off of my bed to put this one there instead.  Not sure I am ready for Yuki to be lying on it yet though…

Next thing I am happy about is this dress I’ve been working on for the last month or so.  Probably the dress that took me the longest to make, if you don’t count those that never got finished because of a mess up that I decided to put away forever.  This one though, it was from one of my ‘vintage wish list‘ patterns that I hunted the internet for.  This was my practice make of it, and I enjoyed taking my time.  It shrank a little in the wash which I was hoping for cause it was a little looser than I’d have like when I was done.  I wasn’t sure on the sizing and a dress that’s too big is better than a dress that is too small.  The fabric hadn’t been washed so that’s why it shrank a little.  It was also clearance dollar material so I didn’t really mind if it didn’t come out right either.  I will get some better pictures and a better post of it soon.  I couldn’t wait and had to take at least one picture once I finished.  It was a first thing in the morning pic so my hair was a mess and I hadn’t been up for long.

The only other thing about this summer that may be a little bit different is that I’ve had an online fitness and nutrition coach.  I’ve been doing great with that all summer – I am eight weeks in of 12.  My main focus is on eating in a proper balance of protein, carbs, and fats – something I learned about four years ago and did quite well with on my own on and off for a couple of years.  Turns out my main problem was under eating and thereby messing up my metabolism.  At least that’s the science behind it, and since I’ve had help this time around, I’m down several inches, I have way more energy, and those muscles that have been hiding under a recent bit of body fat are starting to show themselves again.  I am very happy with my progress, a lot of my closet is fitting me again.  Happy to say I won’t be replacing my wardrobe anytime soon.  🙂

I am liking it so much I am even considering continuing on for another round of coaching after this 12 weeks is over.  I’m shooting for the 2015-2016 me, body composition wise.  Just another thing I like to do, fitness and nutrition stuff.  Sometimes I think I have too many interests/hobbies.  But they all make me happy, and I enjoy learning about it, so I can’t complain.

That’s all I have for you all for tonight.  I may instead of writing pattern reviews, browse blog themes.  Perhaps it’s time to change up the look over here.  Or not…

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back again soon.  ❤

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