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Buying, Trying, and Eyeing

I haven’t really done a review post in a little while.  I guess you could say this is kind of like a review post, or maybe a review post in progress.  Today I am going to talk a bit about facial products, supplements, and appliances.  Not the most […]

The 51st Friday of 2017

I am gonna use a little help from my iPhone for this week’s post.  Instead of the 51st week of 2017 it should say My Week According to my Camera Roll… Sunday: My wonderful family of three headed to Nashville this rainy Sunday morning.  We were ready and […]

The 12th Friday of 2017

Hello, all!  How was the week where you are?  Mine, despite having started a little on the rough side, has ended quite well.  I was still feeling a little under the weather for the first half of this week: not a lot of energy, etc., etc.; but come […]

The 11th Friday of 2017

Spring break was a success!  I took a break from everything and let me tell you, it was well needed.  I just hadn’t been myself lately, too long lately if I am being upfront, and I just couldn’t keep up.  I started my week off last Monday spending […]