Hello! How is everyone? Is it snowing where you are? We didn’t get any, which I’m not too sad about. And the sun is shining today after many many days of dreariness and clouds, so that is something to be happy about. 🙂

For the most part, all is well in my neck of the woods. I’m just having one of those Mondays that has bled over into Tuesday, ya know how it sometimes goes. So, we had a nice weekend and finally made it to the mall – I’ve been planning a mall trip for months, but Covid. The mall, however, was a little bit disappointing. The stores all seemed to be low in stock and just a general mess. Plus several stores that I would have liked to have gone into had lines waiting to enter and we didn’t really want to wait. I figured I’d rather look online since you can’t try anything on in the stores anyway. But then we made it to Costco and bought some of the other things we were looking for. Specifically, a new computer, yes, I have finally gotten a replacement for that 14 year old one I had been using before. It was well overdue, and this one is great, except I am in that stage of setting it up and needing to transfer stuff from the other, which isn’t working out very well for me. So that is number one on my list of things not going so well for today.

Number two is my current nutrition coach and the situation with her. There is some type of email issue between the two of us, and my check-ins are getting lost, then it’s near impossible to get ahold of her to let her know. So I am on pins and needles with that. The most annoying part, is that the last nutrition coach I worked with had similar issues with the client platform crashing or being buggy, and just for me. A great big sigh for that. Guess I will just have to be my own nutrition coach, which is a possibility. (The best part for me about having a coach is the accountability aspect though.) I am two chapters away from being certified. I am so excited and this week will probably be the week I finish. Only a month behind my originally intended schedule. On that note, I am going to start posting some nutrition related content over here. No need to worry, I will still be posting my normal I am up to not much posts and the occasional sewing/outfit posts and what not, so things will stay about the same. And for anyone interested, here is my coaching page. I am going to start off by taking female clients and those that are new to nutrition. Also, anyone looking for a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. I will happily help guide you through the process. I am starting with very low rates, so if you’ve always wanted to try working with a nutrition coach, why not give it a try now? We all start somewhere.

When I started this post, I was in a bit of a mood, but I am feeling all better now. I didn’t even go on too much of a rant. Blogging is a nice distraction. Now, I must get back to pulling my hair out over not being able to find files that I need or have things work how I’m used to. Then, I’ll just complain to my guy when he gets home and show him how it’s not working for me, just to have it start working immediately just because. That is always how it goes with me and any tech related issues, always! Back to it I go…

Have a great day!

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