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I recently started applying for some more review items.  The site I work with has its good months and bad months as far as what is available that I like and would use myself, so sometimes it’s hit or miss.  I saw these compression foot braces and my first thought was that they definitely aren’t the most appealing item to do a blog post about; but since I’ve recently been having foot pain like never before (thought it had to be those old Reeboks I’d been wearing, so I finally got a new pair of shoes, they helped some, but not completely), I said to myself, Glamorous post or not, I’d like to try out a pair.  I was approved and a couple of days later, I had these nice little arch wrap-arounds to wear about the house.

My foot problem, aside from having such small feet, is that I also have such high arches.  I suffer occasionally from plantar fasciitis pain, and recently I started noticing that I stand with my feet rolled out.  Throw in some very un-cushiony shoes with no arch support, and is it really any wonder my feet hurt so much lately?  (I may be a die hard Doc Marten fan, but really they aren’t the most comfortable shoes, are they?)  So, of course I would try out a pair of compression foot braces for a review.

Anyone else put their socks on the wrong feet? Oops!

They took a little getting used to.  At first they actually hurt my feet.  I remembered that I had learned when one starts wearing orthotic inserts, there is a breaking in phase with some pain that feels almost like you are walking on a tennis ball.  Yeah, that is a little how this felt at first.  I actually expected nothing since even with the braces on, there was some room underneath my feet between the brace and the floor.  I have really high arches I guess, or my stance is pretty bad.  But as I walked I felt they were there.

I’ve been wearing these around the house on and off for the last month.  They are much more comfortable now, feeling nothing like they did when I first started wearing them, and I really don’t mind wearing them.  It is suggested that you wear them over socks, which I do, but I don’t wear them with shoes.  I tired, but since I also wear thick socks this time of the year, my shoes don’t fit well with them on.  I am barefoot most of the day anyway so I don’t see that as a problem.

easy on and off

I’d like to have another month wearing them to know for sure that they are really helping or not, but for now I am noticing an improvement with my foot pain.  My feet don’t hurt near as much when I step on them first thing in the morning, and I fell they have helped with my circulation.  I think this comes from making me stand on my foot more correctly.  I often get numb toes when standing.  Usually just moving around and putting pressure on a different part of my foot makes this go away, but the other day when I noticed that some of my toes were falling asleep, I put these on and within 5 minutes they felt fine.  (I stand a lot in a regular day:  all that cooking, laundry, and dishes to wash.  Housewife problems, I know.  😉 )

I am going to find myself a thinner pair of socks and try these out in my workout shoes for an aerobic dance class soon.  For some reason, that is another time some of my toes go numb.  Maybe these will help that also.  I will update here once I do.

Oh, and before I forget, the package comes with a set of heel inserts to help with heel pain.  I don’t have that problem, so I didn’t even take them out of the package.

Should you be interested in a pair for yourself, you can find them here.

*Disclaimer:  I was sent this item for the purpose of a review.  I am not being compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own and are 100% truthful.

5 Replies to “Foot Compression Braces // Product Review”

    1. Ha ha! I guess not really a ‘problem’ just that I’ve complained a time or two on here how I cannot find shoes that I like that fit. A lot of shoe sizes start a size above what I wear, and most children’s sizes that do fit me look like children’s shoes. More like an inconvenience, really. 🙂


  1. A few years ago I had such bad planter faciitis that it ruptured and was so painful! I had to wear a walking cast boot and night splints. Now I always wear orthotics I rarely walk barefoot and I regularly stretch massage and strengthen my feet. I do wear compression socks daily and that helps. I’m on my feet all day! It took over a year before my injury healed and my foot that ruptured will probably never be the same again!


    1. Oh, that sounds awful, and very painful! Foot injuries are so hard to deal with especially when on your feet all day. Stretching sounds like a good idea. I always think about it for other parts of the body, but never for my feet.

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