Unbelievable!  The month is already over.  Why does it have to go so fast?  Really?  Anyway, before this week is but a blur, let me document it so that I will never forgot the week I really thought about selling my car for longer than a day…

Sunday, January 28th:

It was a good day, it was a bad day, it was a long day!  I probably have too much to say about this day, and I will try and condense it.  It started a little on edge.  The boy had been a little moodier than usual and my guy and I decided it was time to talk it out.  I’m glad we did, everyone felt better, and now we were all running late.  Stephen and Ethan were headed to Mississippi, and I was going south myself, but still staying in the state.  The team groups that Ethan occasionally works with were competing this day and he had planned to go, but it was the same day that we were having a house warming party for some friends.  We couldn’t all be in the same place at the same time, so the guys headed to Memphis/South Haven area while I went to the house warming party.

Everything was great!  The party was fun, there was plenty of wonderful fellowship, and of course a lot of food.  I only stayed for a few hours.  Since where I was was only an hour away from the mall in Memphis, I was able to meet up with the guys.  We killed a little bit of time and had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, and also killed some time browsing IKEA.  When the competition was done, we all headed home but not before stopping at J. Alexander’s – a favorite restaurant of ours.  The day had been great, it was about 9 pm and we were headed home.

The drive didn’t even seem that bad – I was alone with the guys following – until I hit a massive pothole out of Jackson.  It was dark, I was merging from the on ramp and didn’t see it.  I always cringe when I hit pot holes, and I usually drive like I am a real life Frogger game, always avoiding obstacles as my car is low and I feel everything.  My car was instantly shaky, and it wasn’t driving well at all.  I slowed down and called Stephen.  He drove up beside me and said everything looked okay.  I was waiting for warning lights to come on.  I made it to the next exit, I have run-flats so can drive on them at a lower speed should they lose air.  Once I got on the exit the light came on.  Low Tire, duh I knew at least that.  What I didn’t expect was a split in the side wall.  Perhaps a blow out?  Well, in any other tire it would’ve been.  I was thankful for the run flats and I was thankful for Stephen and Ethan to have been behind me.  I couldn’t drive on it at all at this point, but I was happy that I didn’t have to wait alone for a tow, and through all of this I didn’t even cry.  I’m sure I would have had the guys not been there.  It was about midnight when we got home and we had basically gotten up, eaten breakfast, and rushed out the door this day, so it was a long day!  One of the last things my guy said to me before bed was that I should sell my car and buy a red truck.

Monday, January 29th:

I was happy to be home this day, but I had a few things on my mind.  Specifically, selling my car.  We thought about it last year, but only briefly.  We usually just drive our vehicles as long as they’ll drive, and I always figured that’s what we’d do with my Mini.  I really like my car, but I like it a little less now knowing that as it gets older the problems will come more often, and no shops around here want to touch it.  I already had been limiting my driving in it recently until I was able to get it to the dealer in Memphis, as it currently needed some work.  I hope after the other night it doesn’t need anything more than just a tire and maybe an alignment.  Big sigh!

Anyway, Ethan has been thinking about selling his truck for a car.  I really don’t want to get rid of his truck so my guy and I were thinking we’d buy it, but then we’d have two trucks.  It didn’t sound like a bad idea when Stephen suggested selling my car the other night.  I do have something to think about.

Moving on, today I was home but only for the morning then I had to go out to the property and check on my wine and see if it was working.  It’s been cold and I wan’t sure if the space heater in the room with it was warm enough for the yeast to start fermenting.  All looked well so nothing to worry about there.  Came back home and did what needed to be done around the house before making it to the gym. (Wow, I am already at almost 900 words, this post may be a record for length.)

Tuesday, January 30th:

Traveling school day, and a very typical Tuesday.  We were home a little earlier than usual, and I had a little bit of time at home before the gym.  Over all it was a pretty good day.  Nothing note worthy happening.

Wednesday, January 31st:

The last day of the month, and at school we had our end of the nine weeks’ activities.  It was a fast day, and besides getting most of the 2nd nine week’s grades, not too much else going on as far as that goes.  Had some extra time again this afternoon but not enough to do anything fun.  I’m still needing to post on Etsy, but didn’t get to take any pictures for it.

I tried to see the moon this morning when it was supposed to be at its peak and reddist, but couldn’t find it.  It was big and bright in the sky when I was on my way home from the gym this evening though.  I rushed home to take some pictures before we went to watch Ethan tumble, so I have another picture for today and won’t bother with a picture of my tennis shoes for Thursday.

Thursday, February 1st:

Today I took some blog photos, needed to do some grading but got trapped doing laundry instead.  I was behind with this, and didn’t even catch up.  The grading will still be there next time.  Had some computer stuff I had to do and happy happy, I made it to the gym for the fourth time this week.  I got plenty of cardio in and even some weights.  The weights were in a class but I made sure to go heavier than I usually do when it’s just free weight stuff.  I told you I’d do better with working out this week.

Friday, February 2nd:

Lots of running around today.  I even went to Walmart.  I was there early enough, so it wasn’t too bad.  I got a tire ordered for my car and went home to do my regular Friday stuff, but not before the boy and I went out to the property to see what was going on there.  It wasn’t until after dinner that I got to sit down and relax.  Friday night, one of my favorite nights of the week.

I am happy that I was able to keep up with the blog this week, but a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to sew anything other than hem a shirt for the boy.  And I went to put my quilt together to work on but realized I didn’t have the right amount of batting.  It’ll be back to Walmart I go, but not until Monday.  Maybe…

And one more picture for Friday because I bought flowers.  They were on clearance and very pretty, so why not?

It’s now Saturday evening and I had a great day.  I’m very well rested, and happily typing my evening away.  I think this really is my longest post, and to those of you who stuck around to read it all, thanks!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.  ❤

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