What I thought was only going to be a snow day, is looking more like a snow week. It started Sunday night as ice rain, then turned into snow by Monday morning.  Kind of snow, more like powdered sugar granules.  And it was cold! – ‘feels like -3 degrees‘ cold.  So that was Monday, an icy layer with sugar on top kind of day.  Tuesday it quit and today it started snowing in the afternoon – real, fluffy snowflakes this time.  But there seems to be more ice underneath this snow than there was on Monday.  All that to say we’ve been homebound this week.  And since Stephen is working from home, in my usual computer work space, I decided to sew.  Finally!  I’ve said this before, I am sure, but even despite my lack of selfish sewing these days, I have still been hoarding, ehem, I mean buying fabric.  And the dress that I made this week was from wish list fabric of mine from years and years ago – I’ve wanted it since 2014 I think.

I bought this African wax fabric a couple of months ago from Ali Express and I was hoping for the best.  I actually did buy this fabric before but from ebay, and it was actual wax fabric – coated with a layer of wax.  I returned it because there was nothing I was going to make with wax coated fabric, so I knew even getting almost all my money back would be worth it.  I read the fabric description a little bit better this time around and this stuff is wonderful.  It’s much softer than any other African wax print fabric I have gotten before and I have bought four other kinds of it.  This came in a nice 6 yard package, so I didn’t hesitate to make it in a bigger than usual size.  Which brings me to the title of the post:

Medium is my new small!  I made a medium.  It’s a little less fitted than I’d like (a small and a half would have probably cut it), but these days my usual size smalls are way too fitted, meaning I can’t zip them up all the way fitted.  Yeah, I admitted it.  I sized up on my pattern size for the time being because it takes time to lose weight, and if I waited to sew until I could fit in my old size, it would be awhile and I really wanted to make a new dress now.  And here it is.

I will say one benefit of being a bigger sewing dress size for me is that I don’t have to do as many alterations.  All my current proportions are pretty consistent with the medium pattern measurements for this dress.  This saves seam ripping the zipper to adjust the back or neck because of gaping or whatever else is wrong with the fit here or there because I’ve noticed that I make the most alterations on the smaller sizes.  Hope that makes sense: I’m a weird size small, but a perfect size medium.  😉

Pockets, of course!

I love the color combination and the design of this dress, but I am clueless on what to call it.  Nothing comes to mind when I look at it.  I guess for the time being it shall be nameless.  Or it shall be known as the dress I wear with my red Docs.  This dress seems to match them pretty well.  ❤

That’s all I have to say about this one.  Thanks for reading and I hope you all are keeping warm.  I can’t wait for this weather to be gone.

*You can find some of the other dresses I have made from this type of fabric here (Vogue9293), here (The Kaleidoscope Dress), and here (Another dress with no name).

**Linking up with Top of the World Style.

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