What a Difference a Week Makes!

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Last week it was snowing and we were stuck indoors, this week it’s sunny and I’ve gotten my first sunburn.  What a difference a week makes, for sure.  And this week was so unlike all my weeks this month, I’m kind of feeling it today.  I’ve been running around with somewhere to be everyday this week compared to no where to go pretty much this whole year.  At least the sun was shining and the snow and ice finally melted.  Now it’s raining and will be all weekend.  Typical weather for this time of the year.

There really isn’t anything to update on for last week.  Like I said it iced, then snowed, then was so cold it stayed that way until Sunday/Monday.  We left our house twice last week for Walmart and had we not had 4 wheel drive, some of the back roads would have been very hard to get out of.  We took a drive out to the property to check on everything and got to see the nice snowy landscape at the vineyard.  The weekend before this, it was a nice icy landscape.

As you saw on my last post, I spent my time indoors sewing.  Since Stephen worked from home all last week, he had my computer in use so I made due with the sewing machine.  I even cleaned up the sewing room and almost rearranged, but did not end up shampooing the carpet.  Another day.

I also got some pictures of the other dress I made, but haven’t gone through all of them for a separate post.  Here’s one featuring the really neat looking umbrella my niece gave me last summer.

As for this week, I had appointments that were rescheduled from last week to attend to; a coffee date with some dear friends in the neighboring county; a Sam’s Club run; and my dad and I started pruning the vineyard, thus the sunburn.  Also, my sister sent me a beautiful cake, so I have been doing my best to not eat it all at once.  So far so good.  🙂

Today I will be doing my usual Friday stuff and I am hoping to make a trip to the gym since I missed last night.  Very unlike me, I managed to make it through this week with very little photographic documentation.  I didn’t even take a single vineyard picture from pruning or from the coffee house where I met my friends!  Instead of pictures, how about a video.  Here is January that I finally got saved.  Not a super exciting month, we had the plague and were stuck at home for half of it.

I will wrap it up here.  Time to get started with everything else.  Have a great weekend.  Hopefully you all are starting to see signs of spring, or at least seeing less of winter.  ❤

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