March is usually a wonderful month for me, and this year seems to be no exception, so far.  All is well, and I am here this bright and shiny Monday morning to update on my life this last week.  It was a busy week, the busiest of my whole year so far.  When I last updated, we were just over the snowpocalypse.  Then it was a weekend full of rain, and rain it did!  So much so we could hardly see the road as we were driving to Memphis last Sunday afternoon.  The reason, my guy had a great last minute idea while we were drinking our Sunday morning coffee to go get something from the guitar store.  Of course, I want to go to Memphis at the very last minute for an afternoon out.  I envisioned an impromptu IKEA stop, and a delicious dinner/lunch somewhere, but not so this particular time and I was fine with that.  We hit a lot of rain, and then an accident that held up traffic for about 45 minutes.  Then tornado watches with more downpours only hours away and we didn’t really want to make the trek back in such weather, so we gladly settled on the Guitar Center and a nice lunch with plenty of time to come home and enjoy the rest of the evening.

It was a nice weekend before the week that had me away from home every day of it.  This is not a complaint, I very much enjoyed the time away from home and the time working in the vineyard.  My dad and I got the last of the vines pruned and almost all picked up.  It was cloudy and chilly on Monday, but the rest of the week was wonderful.  I would have even worked in my t-shirt had I not been worried about getting all scratched up by the vines I was rolling.  It was a great week!

What else happened last week?  Oh, yes, the one day I was at home, I spent the morning at the tire shop for my guy and that afternoon I started to work on taxes.  I didn’t dread it as much this year as the last.  😉  And in other news, my boy is no longer a teenager.  I ask myself all the time, where does the time go?  And here I was telling my guy this morning that it’s almost the middle of March, and it felt like 20 years ago yesterday!  Time does fly when you’re having fun!

Speaking of fun, we had a fun weekend.  We went out Saturday night with a dear friend, it was long overdue, and we spent Sunday doing a handful of things.  We went for a nice, short hike at the state park down the road, and then we hung stuff up, or rather Stephen did while I hunted the house for the tools he needed – why are they never where they should be?

I have a new addition to the growing ‘gallery’ wall, and a shopping mission to find a new clock and a nicer lamp.  A few swaps need to be made with the existing photo frames currently on the wall, and I have picture frames for that, several actually.  In addition to fabric hoarding, I may be an IKEA picture frame hoarder as well.  I always gotta get some more anytime I go.

And that is all for me.  I will have a post specifically all about that new canvas art up in a couple of days, so keep an eye out for that.  Have a great Monday, everyone!  I’ll leave you with what February looked like, 1 second a day.  ❤


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