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Dear Diary 2018: Week 40

Good morning!  How is everyone’s week going so far?  Mine has been a bit up and down.  I have a dear friend in the hospital, hopefully getting out today, and I just can’t get that out of my mind.  But on a more personal, dealing with me level, […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 16

Eleven of the first 16 weekends of 2018 have had significant rainfall.  As of early this week, my neck of the woods has gotten about 29 inches of rain, and since then, it’s rained EVEN MORE!  Good news, I guess, is we aren’t drowning yet, but I am […]

A Sunday in the Vineyard

No outfits or sewing posts today, I am afraid, but I do have some pictures from yesterday to post instead.  I have to say, I wasn’t feeling 100% on Sunday.  I woke up feeling kind of blah.  Stuffy head and a little congestion, but I think being outside […]

The 37th Friday of 2017

I have some catching up to do, you all!  I am a week behind, I know, but I have a pretty good memory of what’s gone down lately, so let me catch up.  This week that I am recapping, the 37th of 2017, starting with the 14,245th day […]

The 36th Friday of 2017

What a week!  And what a wonderful week!  I’m feeling really good right now: it’s Friday, the weekend is before me, and my guy is trying to play the guitar to one of my current favorite songs in the background.  I have all the good mood feels going […]