Dear Diary 2019: The End of April

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I sure do wish it was a three day weekend.  I’ve had a wonderful day with my bestest friends and I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow.

But, no, it will be Monday before I know it, and time to start on with a new week.  But, it will be a different kind of week, that is for sure.  It’s my boy’s last week before graduation, and I am kind of in shock about it.  I CANNOT believe how fast 12 years of my life, and his, have gone by.  I can’t even let myself get carried away thinking too much about it or I’ll be a snotty mess – *sniffle, sniffle.  So, for this week, I am planning on taking it one minute at a time.

The boy’s pic from Orange Beach.

Taylor Swift’s new wings mural in Nashville. There was a line.

We are well into May, I know, and I kind of left you all hanging for the last of my April.  There were a few firsts: my boy took his first trip without us, I did the first tending to of the vineyard for the year, and we made our annual last Sunday of April trip to Nashville without Ethan.  Also there’s been lots of school related stuff going on, and that’s been keeping me the busiest.  School related stuff includes taking and editing school pics, plus working on a slideshow, so I have not felt like looking at or taking any pictures for the blog in these last few weeks.

I’ve been a bad blogger, I know.  Oh, and how can I forget, we got two new bee hives, which are doing great, by the way.  Two weeks after, we even got to taste honey from one of the hives.

I still take pics, however, just on my iPhone, so it’s not like I have a post with nothing to show for.  I even have my end of the month 1 Second a day video to post as well.

What else can I say?  I am alive, well, and loved.  Life is good!  I’ll try not to wait so long before posting next time…

Have a great week, my readers!  ❤


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