I’m just about two weeks in to summer break and I haven’t even touched my blog or my sewing machine.  It might seem like something’s wrong, but no, all is well.  I took last week off.  I guess that’s what you can say about that.  I was in slow motion mode.  It took me about three days to get my house tidied up from graduation weekend; then we had a three day weekend this last week, so here I am kind of in a repeat of the week before.  So, basically, two weeks off?

These weeks have come, have gone, and they were great!  The two main events of said weeks were graduation and a pool party.  I am happy to say we have a high school graduate.  It’s definitely bittersweet, and it’s a strange transitional phase for all of us.  So far the moving on has been easy, and as laid back as we’ve been, we’ve all been keeping ourselves busy too.  The boy not only had graduation weekend and parties, but also a trip to St. Louis in the midst of these last couple weeks.  He has a new airtrack, so needless to say he’s having a great summer so far!  And mine is just about to start.  I’m blogging and even planning on getting on my sewing machine today.  It’s official, it’s summertime over here.

Hope everyone is where I am and having a great kick off to summer.  Have a fun one!


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