In an attempt to get back to regular blogging over here, I decided to do a Five Things Friday post.  You remember, five things I am grateful for from the week, or something like that anyway.

This was the week it really felt like summer break.  But like most weeks of my life, this one went way too fast for my liking.  I really hope the days slow down some and that this week only seemed rushed because of the previous three day weekend.  Anyway, fast days or not, here are my five moments from the week:

Pool Parties with all of my friends and lakeside walks.  Pool parties don’t happen near enough, and it’s definitely the perfect way to kick off summer.  Almost makes me want a pool of my own.

And when we first moved to our current town, lakeside walks were the thing of summer.  Happy we got to enjoy one this week.

Wildflower walks.  I skipped the gym completely this week.  It wasn’t too hard to do, my regular evening classes were cancelled due to the teacher being on vacation, so I decided I’d take myself a gym vacation as well.  No weights, no machines, no elevated heart rate, but I did enjoy many a walk around the neighborhood.  And this time of year is my favorite as far as admiring what is growing along the roadside.  The Queen Anne’s Lace is back and just as beautiful as ever.

Lazy days at home.  Yuki is a fan of this one, and so am I.  I leisurely spent several days at the house not in a rush to get anything done.  I also enjoyed an all day quilting session with some of my friends and am just about ready to bind that quilt I started hand quilting this time last year.

My living room is a lot more organized now than this picture shows. 🙂

Blackberry growing season.  I am ready for all these to be ripe.  My best batch of wine from last year was blackberry wine and I have high hopes of making some more this year.  We have lots of blackberries!!

And lastly, I am thankful for evenings spent outside.  For the last two weeks this has been a regular thing for me and my guy.  Last night was particularly nice as it was cooler and there was live music.  ❤

And I found a way to make gifs; I can’t help myself now.  That’s all I have for today.  Anything stand out from your week?  Let me know.

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