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Five Things Friday

In an attempt to get back to regular blogging over here, I decided to do a Five Things Friday post.  You remember, five things I am grateful for from the week, or something like that anyway. This was the week it really felt like summer break.  But like […]

Hello, Senior Year!

Hello, hello!  Since we last spoke, my summer break has officially ended.  I am kind of sad about this and I dragged my feet to the very last moment.  Our school year started yesterday and it wasn’t until Monday morning that I got the boy’s and my school […]

Starting the New Year off Right

Starting it off right at IKEA, which is where we were last year this very same day.  I’m always inspired when I go to this place.  And I always see way too many things that I want to bring home with me.  This day was no exception. We […]

This Season’s Goals

I’ve been home almost all week and it is such a weird feeling.  I’ve gotten online and caught up on some regular blogs that I read, I’ve had coffee in bed, and I’ve even sat at the school table and graded papers during the daytime.  My house is […]

State of the Vines

It’s almost that time, time for muscadine harvest.  The vines are looking great this season.  They’ve grown so much that I think we are gonna have to do something about all that growth before we can even pick.  I took these pics a week and a half ago, […]