Hello, hello!  How are all of you blog readers and writers doing this fine first weekend in July?  Me, I am doing quite well.  It’s the Sunday before a day off and that always has me in a good mood.  Three day weekends are the best!  The only way this weekend could be any better was if we were somewhere else, you know on a mini-vacation or something like that.  I did think about it, but instead decided to start planning our next week off and never mind a three day weekend away now.  Actually, I did more than planning, I am happy to say that our next vacation is booked, well the room anyway.  Nowhere foreign, exotic, or beachy, but that is alright with me.  A week away from the everyday is always fun, no matter where – unless it is spent camping, which is not really my idea of a fun vacation.  We aren’t camping though, so now all we have to do is wait for that week to come up.  In the meantime, I am hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule over here and, dare I say, think of things that will keep me writing daily.  Let’s see how the month goes with that.

blueberry season 2016

Moving on to other things, blueberry season is in full swing over here and out of my six little bushes, five of them are doing quite well.  Between the boy and I, we’ve been daily picking and eating plenty of blueberries.  Thursday though, while I was out watering and picking for the day, I came across the most disgusting creatures ever, in my current opinion. And even though they are so disgusting to me, I decided to take a picture of them.  Yes, them, plural.

blueberry caterpillars

Ugh, caterpillars!  Why do I dislike them so much!?  Maybe because when I see them there are always lots of them, and they just creep me out.  I got lucky this time.  I found them before they devoured a whole blueberry bush.  Years back when I came across some of these they had already eaten the leaves of a bush.  All of them!

EJ blueberries

I always say I don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to growing blueberries – generally they are very easy to take care of.  Besides the birds that find some of the fruit, I haven’t had any trouble in all eight years of having them.  I take it back now, I was just reminded that once in awhile I do have something to worry about when it comes to blueberries – caterpillars.  Blegh!  Oh, and if I want to get any frozen for later, I have this boy to worry about.  He is worse than the birds.


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