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Five Things Friday

In an attempt to get back to regular blogging over here, I decided to do a Five Things Friday post.  You remember, five things I am grateful for from the week, or something like that anyway. This was the week it really felt like summer break.  But like […]

It’s Summertime

I’m just about two weeks in to summer break and I haven’t even touched my blog or my sewing machine.  It might seem like something’s wrong, but no, all is well.  I took last week off.  I guess that’s what you can say about that.  I was in […]

A Barn in Four Seasons

It was last April that I decided to document this old barn through the seasons.  This was spring: All that new green growth!  I didn’t forget about this little photo endeavor of mine, and last week before summer was officially over, I drove down the road and got […]

The 31st Friday of 2017

On time and it feels great!  I had a nice productive day, I even cleaned my bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier.  I had so much to do today, and I am managing to get my regular Friday post up on time, go me!  Yes, it is that […]

Blueberry Season

Hello, hello!  How are all of you blog readers and writers doing this fine first weekend in July?  Me, I am doing quite well.  It’s the Sunday before a day off and that always has me in a good mood.  Three day weekends are the best!  The only […]

Embracing the Heat

It’s been hot over here in West TN, but from what I see when I briefly catch a glimpse of the weather news, it has been hot all over lately.  I’ve been doing my best to beat the heat in my own way, but some days there is […]