On time and it feels great!  I had a nice productive day, I even cleaned my bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier.  I had so much to do today, and I am managing to get my regular Friday post up on time, go me!  Yes, it is that time, once again, when I do a recap of my week for everyone to read – my own kind of dear diary post since this year the blog is serving as my only means of my daily journal posts.  So in case you ever wanted to read someone’s diary, here ya go – only without the really personal details.

The week started on Sunday and we spent most of it doing yard work, finally.  We had been neglecting the weed-eating, and by we I mean the guys of the house.  Everything got all tidied up just in time to start at it again this weekend I am sure.  Everything grows so fast around here!!  After this was done, I made a skirt.  That skirt that I cut out the week before and really only had an hour left on, yeah, that skirt.  It’s finished.  It hasn’t been worn or photographed except for an Insta-snap, and do I really need to blog about a skirt?  Maybe…

Monday, it was time to work out at the vineyard.  My boy mowed, my nephew sprayed, and I cleaned and picked elderberries.  Elderberry season is about over, and we got another good batch this year.  I made syrup a couple of weeks back, and I have enough to perfect my recipe.  I will be getting to that as soon as I get a smaller canning pot.  We got done with our work out at the property and were gonna go play at the local water park, Redneck Island, but it was closed so we went to the pool instead.  This day ended up being our last day at the pool for the season.  As always, it was bittersweet.

Tuesday was quilting day for me and a couple of friends.  We are working on some baby quilts.  The top is done on one, and it won’t be long before we get to start the actual ‘quilting’ process.  I’m thinking hand quilting will be the way to go with this one.

Wednesday, hmm, what did I do Wednesday?  Oh, yes, the cousins came over for the day and we were going to swim, but ended up spending the day at home – their decision.  Not a lot going on, just enjoying the time and as always, I worked on cleaning that kitchen that never seems to get cleaned.

Thursday, my boy started school.  Well, kind of.  Our school start date isn’t until August 21st, but he is taking a personal finance class in the neighboring big city for a credit, and it started today.  We went out to lunch before with the cousins, and then I made a quick stop into Joann’s fabric store.  I am on a budget, but I managed to find a few dollars for some super-clearance material.  I am so happy about it, and it was really hard not to ignore the gym this particular evening and spend the night making a new dress.  I went to the gym though, and got in a couple of classes which helped my step count for the week.  I really needed them, as I am again very far behind on my friendly FitBit step challenge.

That brings me to Friday.  I put on my personal assistant hat and paid bills, ran errands, and did those kinds of things, then did some grocery shopping after spending most of the day doing laundry and cleaning house.  Fridays are my busiest days at home and today was no exception.  I got out of cooking though and brought home some fried chicken from the local deli.  It wasn’t as good as usual, but pretty good considering it gave me a night away from the kitchen.

And that is all I have for you all this week.  Oh, one more thing, in case you were wondering, I bought the dress.  Can’t wait until it gets here!

Have a good weekend everyone!  My number one goal next week is to get the rest of my boy’s school books ordered, and respond to a backlog of emails that I have.  Until next time…

As always,


P.S.  Just a reminder to all you social media fans, you can find my social links at the top of the page, right hand side.  Or very bottom of the page if you’re not on a desktop. Blog updates posted over there regularly.  🙂

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