No, I Haven’t Abandoned Blogging…

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It just seems like it though.  Hello hello, everyone!  How have the last two weeks of your lives been?  It’s been awful humid, hot, and rainy over in my neck of the woods and I am currently covered in 56 mosquito bites.  Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I stopped counting at ten on each leg.  Ugh, the disadvantages of rainy humid weather – among many many other things.  Have I mentioned I don’t like humidity!?

Hi, it’s me!

So, I haven’t been away on some long trip or done anything too spectacular since you last heard from me.  I had three blog posts in my head during this short absence, and they are still there in my head right now.  What have I been doing? you might have wondered to yourselves as another Friday came and went without any word from me.  I’ve been cleaning house, or trying to anyway cause if you saw my house right now you’d think I just slept through the last two weeks.

It’s back to school time and I’ve been going though those places that get ignored during the school year: cabinets, closets, book shelves, drawers etc.  It seems I haven’t made much progress getting stuff organized and donated, and yesterday my boy started his room and left me with two more boxes of stuff to go though sitting in the living room where they will most likely stay until this weekend.  I waited to the last minute, once again, to do my summer cleaning.  But, in my moments of procrastination, I slipped away into the sewing room – soon to be school room – and made a couple of things.

It needs buttons or snaps…

Another dress, and finally that pdf Jenna Cardi I’ve had on my to make list since last June.  They will have posts of their own as soon as I get some pics taken.  The rain hasn’t made it easy to get the camera out of the house.

And there you have it, the mystery of where I have been has been solved.  I’ve been hiding amongst old toys, stacks of clothes, and drawers of cords for old electronics.  I really need to get to the Goodwill…

Oh, and in the coming weeks you will also find me hiding amongst the muscadine vines, as our first official day of picking was yesterday, and we started with a whole three gallons.  I am thankful for what looks like another year of fruit.  🙂

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