What a week!  But it was a good week: the solar eclipse, first day of school, and the beginning of muscadine season were all part of this week.  So. Much. Going. On.

Let me start with Sunday.  We picked out at the vineyard for the second time and got about 6 gallons total of grapes.  Then, the rest of the day I spent getting ready for school.  I hadn’t even bought school supplies and it was the first time I went back to school shopping without my boy.  It was bittersweet.  He gave me a list and went with the basics.  Just another indication of him getting older.  Two more years of high school; I can’t believe it!

Monday, we headed out early to Kentucky to watch the solar eclipse.  There was about 97% of totality where I live, and several of my friends and I decided to head to where we would have 100% for more than 14 seconds.  (I have a post about it, just need to add my pictures, so if you all come back in a few days you can read about my eclipse day.)  I spent some time on the road this day, but getting to see the full eclipse was well worth it.  Amazing is all I have to say about that.  Really, my post is written I just need to add the pictures.  I promise I will get that one up in a few days, unlike that post about my niece’s wedding which is still a draft waiting for pics.  Sigh…

Tuesday it was back to school!  Everything went well.  I’ve got a full English schedule this year, unlike the last few years when I had a few other subjects to teach also.  Second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and high school English is what I am teaching now and I couldn’t be happier.  I love English!  Only 175 days left to go.  Really, I hope this year goes by slowly.  I am not ready to be done with teaching school and my boy only has two years left of high school.  I don’t want it to go by fast.

Wednesday was another day that I spent mostly schooling.  This was the day I had a few minutes, thirty to be exact, of time to get on the blog.  I wrote up my eclipse post and then had to get offline to make it to the gym.  My gym time has been limited lately, and I am having a hard time getting my ‘cardio’ workouts into cardio zone.  At least that is what my Fit Bit tells me.  I am just going to have to start running or something to get my heart rate up.  I hate running, by the way.

Thursday it was the third muscadine picking day of the season for me and we got almost ten gallons.  I also made a Facebook page and got a Craigslist post up so that we can sell some of what we are getting.  It was an exciting day for me as far as that goes.  I really am enjoying this new little endeavor of mine.  Honestly, I never did see myself as a ‘farmer’.  You can say I am a muscadine farmer, can’t you?  Also today, I took my boy to Jackson for a class that he is taking, and I made a short trip to check out an event venue – in case we thought to have another graduation shindig close to home in a few years time.  (My other niece’s graduation, another post that hasn’t made the blog yet.)

That brings me to today, Friday.  Whew, what a day.  Up early, once again, but today I was actually running late.  I’ve been up at 5:45 to get my boy up all week, but today I slept in a few minutes longer and that messed up my morning routine.  We started the day picking grapes, I think we got close to 30 gallons – IN ONE DAY – then it was home to briefly clean up for the weekend, run errands, and take my boy to the gym and his piano lesson.  The sous vide cooker saved the day as far as dinner went so that was wonderful.  And today I got my first inquiry about my muscadines for sale from my Craigslist post, woo hoo!

Now, I am enjoying my evening here on the computer as I listen to my guy play piano and the boy is about zonked out in his room.  It was a really great week, and I am hoping for these upcoming ones to stay productive, and I’m going to do all I can to enjoy every minute of them.

That is all I have for you today.  Come back and read what I have to say about other things.  I will have my eclipse post up soon.

Have a great night, everyone!

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