Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Puppy

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Hello, hello! How is everyone – all four or five of you? I reckon several of my loyal readers have given up on me, but I am back on the blog today for what has become my monthly check in, with a life lately update. My lack of a blogging presence has everything to do with the puppy. She keeps me quite busy and she still wants to eat things she shouldn’t when I am not paying attention to her. My computer is in Stephen’s guitar room and there are way too many cables for her to chew on in here. The second my back is turned to the computer screen, she’s got something in her mouth. I plan my free time activities based on her daily crate nap and today the blog has my attention. 🙂

In the last month, it’s quickly turned to summer. That happened last week, we were at 90 degree weather but the humidity is still teasing us – some days it’s here and some days it’s not. I have been enjoying the sunshine, especially on the days when the humidity is low, and now that the spring pollen has stopped being a constant coating on everything outside, I’ve begun to clean things up around the yard. This will probably take me a few weeks longer because I am doing it in small amounts, but I have started cleaning the windows and can’t get over how nice they are looking without that polleny (probably not a word) haze. The front yard weeds have been pulled, and I plan to get to the ones in the back this week. Then I shall tackle the garage! I keep putting that off but it HAS to get done!

The vineyard has burst into green growth, seemingly overnight, and thankfully my boy was more than glad to offer to mow out there for me. Any excuse to take his motorcycle for a ride is what I think. Speaking of the boy, he started school a couple of weeks ago, and everyday is a day further away from that little boy he once was. He makes me so happy!

What else has been going on…

Oh, yes, Aspen had her first groom, and on a puppy related note, I got to meet my parent’s new addition of the four-legged sort, Daisy. She’s from the same breeder as Aspen and she’s just as adorable. ❤

Stephen is doing well, work is going great for him with no slow down in sight, but he was able to get away from the office for a day out a couple of weeks ago. And we have been enjoying the weekends out and about or here at home on the back deck.

I read a book, not the one I started in January, that one took a back seat, and, unfortunately, my goal to read a book a month this year has fallen by the wayside. I have only read one. I haven’t given up on reading more though, and I plan to resume where I left off with the other one, and perhaps my goal needs to be revised, and instead of a book a month, I can go with three books for the year since there are three I really want to read.

Well, that is about all I have to write about for now. I am going to spend some time editing pictures and then get ready for an early gym session.

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