Or as my guy would say it, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. So, we have two puppies now! I can’t say I didn’t see this coming; and if one was enough to keep me away from my computer, two will for sure keep me away even longer. That’s my story, anyway.

At least getting a new puppy when Aspen was 9 months old was reason for her to grow up a bit more. She’s no longer as much of a trouble maker as she was, but we have Daisy now who has taken her place. They are six months apart, and we were more than happy to introduce her to the family.

I may regret updating the blog rather than mowing my backyard, because it’s gonna be hot when I finally get out there, but I couldn’t not take advantage of my short amount of downtime this early Friday. I’ve been busy, but I am still around. Most days as more of a blog reader than blog poster, and I’ve read that blogging is a thing of the past. I still don’t reckon I will be moving away from the blog anytime soon, as much as some of you may be thinking otherwise.

So, in a month, here’s what I’ve been up to, the shortened version.

My mornings consist of puppies, cleaning up around the house, errands, and some little bits of me time here and there. Afternoons are for dinner, planning, and the gym. I’ve taken on co-teaching the HIIT class I love so much at the gym, and I really like doing it. I just got done with one of my local, in person nutrition clients and I have some outreach work to do with that part of my day to day, but that’s been a bit on the backburner this last month. I am still working with a trainer/coach for myself, and while progress is somewhat slow, it’s moving in the right direction and I am very happy with where I am in all areas of my life right now. 🙂

Summer is here, and so is the mid-summer weather – it’s come sooner than usual this year. It’s been super hot lately, so some pool time made for a great day out earlier this week.

Then, of course, there’s been some wine making and bottling, and waiting on blackberry harvest. That is a bit behind this year, probably has something to do with the weather. And the bees almost have their first batch of honey ready for us. I’ve also been spending my Friday mornings at the Farmer’s Market with my niece, she’s the local plant lady and recently got set up at the market. Like I said, life has been busy but good! I’m even willingly spending more time outside, and I have a backyard project I am in the midst of, removing mulch and replacing it with rocks. Plenty to do!

That’s the monthly run down of my life lately. ❤ Hope summer is going great for you all so far.

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