A Barn in Four Seasons

It was last April that I decided to document this old barn through the seasons.  This was spring:

All that new green growth!  I didn’t forget about this little photo endeavor of mine, and last week before summer was officially over, I drove down the road and got a picture of the barn for my summer shot.

A late summer shot, but still summer nonetheless.  I can’t decide which one I like more, but I will wait to decide on my favorite until I have taken pictures for all four seasons.  Of the two, which do you like more?


2 thoughts on “A Barn in Four Seasons

  1. So far I like the Spring one because of the cloud filled sky. It adds something to the photo. 🤓

    1. I was a little disappointed to not have any clouds around the day I took the summer pictures. I like the clouds also.

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