The Last Week As Seen by my iPhone

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I blinked and it’s now July! It feels kind of like a reset to summer for me. June was mostly spent in my kitchen and dining room tending to puppy. Now that that part of summer is nothing more than a memory, I have gotten out of the house. (Puppy Molly update at the end of this post here.)

I’ve been busy doing things and last week I got an iPhone upgrade. I wasn’t planning on a new phone, but after Stephen and I were talking about how mine had been acting up lately, next thing I knew, he was asking me what color I wanted and told me one was on its way. I am always amazed with the camera on these devices; the newest one always better than the last. And this one is no exception. So, since I missed another Friday with no post, and low and behold it’s now a Wednesday, let me give a little update on my last week, as seen by my iPhone…

Blueberries, again! Mine are finally ready and even though I have much less than year’s past, I still got a good amount picked. I also have since gone to a friend’s to pick more, and my neighbor has as many as I want to pick available for me this week. I will have plenty by the time this week is over, for sure.

Baby birds in my fuschia plant. I’ve been watching these little things since they were eggs. I even saw them right after they first hatched. They are growing fast and I hope my plant survives the ordeal. I haven’t been watering it as much as I should to keep from disturbing them.

The vineyard is growing nicely and my new phone takes really cool wide angle photos. This was from last Thursday and here’s another from this Sunday. The new, non-muscadine grapes are growing also.

In the last week I’ve also done some online work. I have a handful of nutrition clients and I am working on expanding that part of my day to day life. I am an everyday learner and I have several resources to go over and review on a daily and weekly basis. I am devoting more of my upcoming weeks to this.

Now, we’re to the weekend, a nice long weekend! Started with our usual Saturday and as always, Stephen gets to spend time with his musical side. Makes for nice background noise on a Saturday night. ❤

Sunday we had plans, finally! I’ve been wanting us to go somewhere for a couple of weeks. Between the mall and a vineyard, we chose Arrington Vineyards in Franklin. They had a food truck and live music. A great way to spend a Sunday!

And we weren’t done with Sunday yet. That evening once we got home we had the great idea to go into town and hang out in the back of the truck to see if we could see any fireworks over the lake. If all else failed, we could just go into the gym and workout.

Then there was Monday, not last week and not the weekend, but I’ll include it for the purpose of my post. Stephen was off and we decided to check on the bees. What we didn’t expect was honey, and lots of it! Finally, after three years we have honey.

And that was an iPhone look at my life last week. What have you been up to?

Thanks for reading, and here’s what the whole month of June looked like, 1 Second a day. 🙂

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