The Thursday Thrift: Thinking of Spring

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By this time of the year we usually have springlike weather.  This year has given us not much more than rain, rain, some more rain, and only a few days here and there of slightly warm weather.  Although, it was 80 degrees Friday in Nashville but this week it is back to the morning thirties.  Overnight snow is even a possibility!  I am starting to notice that it is really easy to complain about the weather.

Spring, why aren’t you here yet?  Yesterday was the day you were supposed to arrive, after all.  One day into spring and even though I am not feeling the warmth of it, I will look the other way and dress like spring has arrived.  Oh, and why not go for some spring-like pastel colors?  This might be a perfect spring outfit!  You will remember I am thinking outside of my usual dark and drab, so when I bought this dress, it was another step in the right direction.  (Even though I bought it before I had publicly decided to make a step in that direction.)

I happened upon Plato’s Closet last August as the warm weather clothes were on super discount, and I found this dress at a mere $3.00.  It fit, it was a little different than my usual style, and since I had been wanting to try dressing a little differently, I couldn’t pass it up.  I ended up NOT wearing it until December.  Not really being a winter dress, the colors alone and the fact that it is sleeveless, I have been waiting to wear it again.  I thought this would be the week, and since it is still kind of cold, I put on another new-to-me Goodwill cardigan.

I think it is safe to say that by shopping at Plato’s Closet, I won’t have to be too concerned about being out of date; they only stock recent styles.  Not that dressing out of date has ever bothered me, but wearing out of date clothes does make it kind of hard to resell to this place.  Many times has my clothing basket been given a total pass!  And once I was told my stuff was too nice for them, what?  That was kind of weird, I thought resell stores wanted nice stuff.  That’s okay, Plato’s loss was my friends’ gain!

So who else is a fan of resale clothing stores?  Do you have any local favorites?  My all time favorite was the Buffalo Exchange, but I don’t live near one anymore.  Platos’s Closet seems to be a good substitute.


| Sweater – Emma James (thrifted) || Dress – Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted) || Tights – Old Navy || Shoes – No Call || Necklace – handmade |

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15 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift: Thinking of Spring”

  1. That dress was such a great find! I love anything from the Loft, but it’s wonderful to find it at a thrift store price. The color is adorable, and I’m sure it’s easy to wear through different seasons. The sweater and tights were great additions. Thanks so much for linking up for Thrifter Thursday! It’s great to see everyone’s budget outfits!



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