With a Few Minutes of Free Time

I couldn’t decide between taking a short nap, or writing a short post.  As you can tell, I chose the short post.  This being one of my busiest days of the week, and more so this week, I am just now getting a brief 45 minutes to sit down before I am needed elsewhere.  As much as I want to take a nap, I opted out since in about 4 hours I will probably be calling it a night, and short naps are never any good.  Just when I start drifting off to sleep, it is time to wake up.  So never mind the nap, I will save it for a day when I have more time.

I can say that the weather didn’t get any warmer this week but the snow, followed by the rain, that was called for last night and most of today never showed up.  A welcome relief really, because I didn’t much feel like being a farmer in the rain and the mud.  Yep, I was a farmer this week, well kind of.  Just two days of it, and it was my boy who did most of the work.  I was impressed, he knew exactly what he was supposed to be doing, and that just made it very easy for me.  He let me know though that he isn’t interested in any goats for our place anytime soon, more like anytime ever!  Chickens?  Maybe, he says.

It isn’t hard work, just kind of time consuming.  I will admit, kind of fun too.  No, I have no problems farm-sitting.  😉





5 Replies to “With a Few Minutes of Free Time”

    1. We love farm fresh eggs! Luckily, there are lots for sale around here. We don’t buy store eggs much at all. We have been thinking of getting a few chickens, Stephen surprised me when he agreed to think about it.
      There is one goat who is being milked, so yes, I did milk her. She is getting the hang of it too, so it’s mostly just to get her used to it.


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