Some Shoes to Fill

I shopped for pretty shoes, I found some, and now I am ready to give up cargo skirts and t-shirts.  Is that a weird connection?  What that just means is that I have had a style revelation, I am finally growing up a little when it comes to how I dress.  Pretty shirts, shoes, and color are now on my clothes shopping list.  Perhaps I will be spending less time at Old Navy.  (They do have the best handbags, though.)

Being a stay at home wife, mom, and teacher makes it seem kind of impractical to dress up, but I do anyway (if you can call it dressing up, mostly I stay away from jeans and I always stay away from sweats.)  I have had an unsaid fashion rule, wear a pretty skirt with a plain t-shirt to not look dressed up.  Or the other way around, a pretty shirt with a pair of pants to still looked dressed down.  I am gonna forget my own thoughts on this and go with pretty all around, or at the least, a little more often than I usually do.  I am not hauling all of my stuff to the Goodwill or anything like that, but I am moving in the direction of finally wanting to dress like a grown-up.

Why the change?  I guess it had to come sooner or later.  I think that not having a normal job maybe kept me from going through this change sooner.  And having a soon to be teenage boy is helping to move me in this direction as well.  Like I have said before, as he grows up, I am noticing I do too.  Ah, life!  It is just moving way too fast!

Unless there is a an inventory of polka dots, polyester and lace, I won’t be shopping at Aeropostale with the boy.  This is his new favorite store, and I would normally be inclined to rummage through clearance t-shirts, but not this time.  I truly felt like a mom shopping for her son this last weekend and it just didn’t seem like I would be finding anything for me in the store my boy was getting his clothes from.  (I did find one shirt for me, but it will probably be gym attire, probably…)

So long, once favorited green cargo skirt!  You just didn’t seem like me when I caught a glimpse of myself in that way too big, mall mirror yesterday.  I will miss you, but I am moving on!  (Don’t worry, Doc Martens, I haven’t grown out of you.)

Shoes to fill 2

8 Replies to “Some Shoes to Fill”

  1. Those are some beautiful shoes!!! I love hearing about changes that make people happy – and I find that sometimes investing in pretty things for YOURSELF is such a great way to do that. I can’t wait to see the outfits you style!


  2. I have a couple of pairs of Nina’s…they make a very pretty shoe. It is crazy how a great shoe can transform the way you feel about yourself…I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the ensemble.


  3. yay! what an exiting time! it’s so interesting the phases I see myself go through and the varying tastes I seem to collect (& likewise forget) along the way of aging! go you for turning that corner- it’s courageous and fun!
    xo- sincerely, whitney


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