In the Sun

Well the weather has finally started to show signs of spring.  On Wednesday the sun came out and it was up in the 50’s, the 50’s!  That is quite a change from the mid 30’s that we have been having lately.  I figured this year winter would have either been too warm for me or too cold, but I kind of knew I would complain either way.

It was nice enjoying the sunshine and the warmth for a few days.  We are back to rain and clouds for the next several days.  I might not be doing very much outside for just a bit longer.  At least the temperatures are starting to warm up some, and it is finally seeming like spring is on its way.

I didn’t want to just write about the weather so I will write about what else has been going on…  Well, basically, it has all been the same.  The highlight of the week for me was to see the sunshine.  Sometimes my life is just too uneventful!  Sorry for the disappointing Friday post.  Maybe some photos from the week will make it seem like something was going on.  Or maybe they won’t fool you one bit, and my photos will show my week for exactly what it was, just a kind of boring week, with a few moments spent outside.  (Boring, but still busy, as is always the case.) 

Not warm enough

Not warm enough to go without the sweater tights, and I am still wearing these ugly shoes, oops!


Didn’t have to worry about the mint coming back – or the weeds.  And I should have moved it somewhere else.  It is coming back everywhere!


The elderberry bushes might have to stay in their pots one more week.

Yuki's Fav spot

A little bit of sun shining on Yuki’s favorite afternoon spot.

Sun on My Shoulder

And even I got to take in a few shining rays.  It was a welcome dose of vitamin D.

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