Where the Week Went

It has been a very busy week over here.  In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t have anything up yesterday for my biweekly Thursday Thrift.  I guess time may have been less of a factor than the weather for that particular post; it has been rainy, and cloudy, and cold, so I haven’t had much motivation to wear anything other than jeans and worn old sweaters.  Plus, I have been spending a lot of time outside, even despite the lack of sunshine and warmth.

In the last week the sun did shine a couple of days and it was even a little bit warm, so I tried to take some advantage of it.


We squeezed in a day at the park for kickball.  Plus, I planted some more bulbs and did some gardening digging around in the dirt.

Another Week

A few other highlights of my week include finding a snake in the backyard – I know they are out there somewhere.  Getting a start on our fence – the boy is becoming less of a go-fer and more or a worker.  Finding plants on sale for my slow growing yard, and also wine and M&M’s – a perfect treat for a super busy week!

I expect after this weekend I will have a little more time.  Although, with a new backyard and warmer weather in the forecast, I may find myself outside a whole lot more.  I am really looking forward to this spring when it finally decides to stay for good.

Enjoy your weekend!

6 Replies to “Where the Week Went”

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy, and I love that picture of the flowers (daffodils)? Lol, Spring has been coming and going over here too… crazy weather!


    1. Yeah, the flowers are daffodils. 😉 There were even a few other kinds in with the mix.
      I have had about enough of this ‘crazy weather’. Although, I will be ready for it again come July. The heat with the humidity is hard for me to handle.


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