The Clippers That Groomed the Dog

We have a fairly new family pet, an eight month old Bichon Frise named Yuki.  Hyperactive, loveable, and full of cute puffiness is what we were expecting with this dog, and that is exactly what we got!  But with all of this cute puffiness, there comes a lot of work in the grooming department.  Everyday she is brushed.  Many mats will show up if she is not, and even when she is brushed everyday, some mats still appear.  Don’t be fooled though, high maintenance she is not.  (At least, we don’t seem to think so.)

Why did we think a hair cut was a good idea?

Just about the time she was getting super cute with all of that fluffy puppy fur, we thought it would be a great idea for her to get her first hair cut.  Call the best groomer in town and schedule the appointment?  No.  Go to Walmart and get some kind of ‘good’ dog clippers, watch the tutorial DVD that comes with them, and do it ourselves?  Yes.

The clippers that groomed the dog were a mid-priced selection from Walmart, Oster brand.  A good choice they were for dogs with double coats, the package description seemed to imply.  They weren’t the cheapest pair on the shelf and by no means were they the priciest.  My boy and I got them home and then waited for the nominated man of the house to do the job.  Dog groomer is now another job title my guy can be happy to have as his!  (Wait, perhaps having this job title is not something he would be real happy to have.  Um, let’s just say he is a man with many jobs!)

The clippers did their job, and my guy did his part as well.

The puppy’s first grooming session was a mild success.  One thing the clippers neglected to notify us of was the simple fact that double coated puppies have a long wait before their adult fur grows in.  The clippers had left our cute, puffy Bichon with naked back legs for the remainder of the summer!

Defeated, we were not!  Those clippers will be put to use again.  Only next time,  it won’t be until she has her full adult coat so the mess ups can grow out a lot quicker.

4 Replies to “The Clippers That Groomed the Dog”

  1. now that looks like a much more orderly affair than when we tried to give my mum’s lhasa a trim! but then, from recollection, we attempted the task with a beard trimmer. oops!

    your pup is seriously cute, with or without puffiness! ;0)


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