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You Found Me

Hi, my friendly followers: Dad, Mom, Sister, Facebook friends, friends, and a few others! How are things over on your side of the internet? Being just under two months shy of my first year blogging, I sometimes find myself curious about how many views I’ve had and where […]

The Clippers That Groomed the Dog

We have a fairly new family pet, an eight month old Bichon Frise named Yuki.  Hyperactive, loveable, and full of cute puffiness is what we were expecting with this dog, and that is exactly what we got!  But with all of this cute puffiness, there comes a lot […]

Not Just Another Sunday

The morning started almost like every other Sunday, but this Sunday we were up a little earlier after having slept maybe a little less the night before due to the anticipation of the weather.  We woke up, coffee was started, breakfast was made, and the weather was checked, […]