Not Just Another Sunday

The morning started almost like every other Sunday, but this Sunday we were up a little earlier after having slept maybe a little less the night before due to the anticipation of the weather.  We woke up, coffee was started, breakfast was made, and the weather was checked, again and again.  Yes, it seemed like our yearly Lake Day was going to be a go – at least it looked like we had a few hours before this rain we were expecting would show up.  Plans for Lake Day are always made in advance, three weeks was the time this year, and who can know what the weather will be like that far out.  But it seemed on Saturday night that our much awaited day just might not be because there was a good chance that it was going to rain.

Ah, who cares, we can swim in the rain, right?  I mean we will already be wet!  But then, what if the rain is so bad and lightening and wind and a constant downpour come with it?  We chose not to think about that part and just go, we would deal with the weather when it showed up.  The radar was in our favor for the moment and all the big rain clouds were to the north and south of us, so off we went to the lake.

The sun started to shine for a bit as our friends showed up.  As the day went on there was a wonderful breeze and just the right amount of cloud cover that made sitting out of the water just as enjoyable as being submerged in the lake!  Not one drop of rain was felt the whole day.

Our day that almost was not, ended up being a day to file away as another Lake Day memory!  Can’t think of a better way we could have spent our Sunday.  There was fun, fellowship, and friends.  Jet skis that hardly stopped, boys that can now almost swim, and girls that couldn’t get enough of the fun; water skiing, wake boarding, and tubes.  Plus jumping, flips and food.  It was not just another Sunday, it was Lake Day!

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