The Boy’s View of the Zoo

This wonderfully hot Tennessee week, we got to finally make it to the Memphis Zoo.  This is a great day trip: there were lots of friends, yummy lunch, children, and fun!  Just over an hour and a half away and we didn’t even have to pay to spend the afternoon in 100 degree plus weather!  (Really, it was 99, I believe, and then there is humidity which makes it actually hotter than the thermometer says, but the zoo is free to residents on a Tuesday afternoon and the fact that it is free makes it all worth it!)  There are lots of fountains at the zoo so right away the children cooled off and I didn’t hear one complaint about anyone feeling the heat –  myself not included.

This is a photo heavy post and I know I have one follower who views via dial up, sorry, but this is the day as it was seen by the boy:

The boy used to LOVE crocodiles and alligators, so much so that we even let him sit on one in Florida when he was five.  What?!  Why did we ever do that?  I don’t think they are his favorite anymore, but he still really likes them.

I joked with the boy that we could be a part of the summer volunteer program at the zoo and maybe, just maybe, they would put us with the elephants.  Then cleaning up after Yuki would seem like nothing!  He didn’t think I was very funny.

These grizzly bears are kind of new to the zoo and they have a great habitat.  They always seem so cute and playful when we see them.  Never mind how vicious and scary they really can be!

Another favorite.  The sea lions are always so playful and we can spend hours watching them.  We didn’t spend that much time this particular day because there is only so much zoo a group of 15 can see in just over two hours!

Not quite as cute as Yuki but almost as white!

We had a quick walk through of the cats.  By now it was close to closing time and everyone was on their way towards the exit.

And the best was saved for almost last, all of the boys wanted to see the Komodo dragons.  Luckily, they were all out sunbathing and now the day was complete!

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