Shoe Save Fifteen

Technology is great! This week’s shoe save is being written up via my Iphone as I am listening in on the boy’s piano lesson, and this week another pair of my Docs got saved. These usually don’t come out in the summertime, they do well in the wet winter, but it was rainy earlier in the day and I thought they would be a casual look with this new blue skirt I made last Thursday. (Perhaps they make the look a bit too casual, but dressing up wasn’t on the agenda last Friday.)
Like many of my other Docs, these I have had for years, and years! They were thrifted from my once favorite store The Buffalo Exchange.  I just couldn’t pass up a minimally worn pair of Docs at 1/4 the price!

And the skirt was the result of my attempt at making a vintage dress last week. Unfortunately, my color and material pairings made the dress not look quite like I’d wanted, so I used the skirt part of the pattern to come up with this full circle, fun to spin in, blue skirt.  (I haven’t given up on the dress, however, and with a few changes, I should have one done in the next week.)

I still need to do a recount on my shoes, but I am close to being half way through!  And that is all about shoes for this week.

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