And Now for Something Completely Different…

Dear Diary, I mean, Blog,

Today I feel kind of bad. I ache. My knee hurt when I woke up. It started yesterday and I don’t know why. Could it be that this thing called age is sneaking up on me? I mean, I don’t feel any older. I think I look the same. Did those lines that I thought were wrinkles that I spotted at 25 really turn into anything? Where is the magnifying mirror?

Right now my back hurts from working out at the gym this evening. Did I pull something or was I just lifting too much weight? Or maybe it was from sitting straight up on that bucket chair in the deer stand yesterday? Or maybe just maybe it is because I am getting older… Could it be that?

Come to think of it, I keep waking up with a crease in my forehead. My mom might have been right when she said sleeping on your face causes wrinkles… Wait, did she really say that or did I make it up myself? I knew I should have taught myself how to sleep on my back years ago. Hmm, I wonder if Frownies really work? Maybe scotch tape will do the job?

And why, all of a sudden, am I finding white hairs? Were they there all along, or did they just show up overnight – along with that weird crease thing? Maybe dyeing my hair isn’t such a bad idea after all… At what age is it normal to get white hair anyway? Wait, I think they are blonde, whew! But, I am not so sure about that one weird one that sticks straight up. Where did that mirror go?

Gotta go, diary, I mean blog. I have some questions for Google…

*Some random thoughts in a different-from-my-normal blogging style. My contribution to this week’s writing challenge. I found it kind of easy to just go with the flow for this post.