You Found Me

Hi, my friendly followers: Dad, Mom, Sister, Facebook friends, friends, and a few others! How are things over on your side of the internet? Being just under two months shy of my first year blogging, I sometimes find myself curious about how many views I’ve had and where they are coming from.

This month I hit 3,000 views and as I was looking through some of the search engine terms that have been used to find my blog, I found it kind of funny, actually. Probably most of my views are from those that I know, but I wonder how many people have come across my blog purely by accident? Like that one person who searched for rooster crowing in the morning ringtone. Sorry to have disappointed you, don’t know how this little ole blog of mine showed up for you on that search. I thought back, and the only thing I could think of was that one post that had chicken pictures in it…

And apparently, I may be better at grooming dogs than I thought, because many, many people have found my blog searching Google for DIY Bichon puppy cuts, good dog grooming clippers, and several other searches involving cutting, grooming, clippers and or fluffy dogs. Sorry, once again, I hope none of you readers are anxiously awaiting expert advise on dog grooming. FYI, I am not as good at grooming as Google may think.

Then there is that one reader who was hoping to find a drawing of a rose bush. No ideas on that one, but thanks for checking my blog out before you realized it was not what you were looking for. Neither is this a blog that has an abundance of information on solitary walking or what to do with a wire box spring, but again, I thank you for stopping by.

Skirtember, wearing shoes, and black closed toe espadrilles shoes IS something that I actually have written about, so those of you who had anything like that in mind while searching Google might actually have stuck around. And to you I say, Hi there!

While I may WRITE about a wardrobe malfunction now and again, I surely won’t be showing any pics of one, so to any who have found this blog looking for that, I really will disappoint, sorry.

In conclusion, however you have found this little ole blog of mine, I thank you for stopping by and checking it out. More than likely, I wasn’t offering anything that you were hoping to find, but maybe, just maybe you have stuck around anyway. Perhaps I will, one day, write about something that interests you. 😉