I have come close to the end of the shoes that I have to make myself wear. (The reason for this Shoeper Shoe Challenge – to get the shoes that don’t get worn, worn.) With the exception of a few, the rest of my shoes are gonna be easy to get saved. They will be the ones that I wear on a very regular basis, especially with the weather cooling off some.

This week’s save is a pair that come out around this time of the year.

I got these on zappos.com several years back. I paid full price for them. This was before I became an ebay shopper for new Doc’s. I got them thinking that maybe my boy would like a nice pair of shoes that weren’t tennis shoes in the not too distant future. Since many styles of Doc’s are unisex, should he not like them, I thought I could wear them. Well, he didn’t like them. In fact, a few weeks ago while looking at a shoe store in the mall, he informed me that these types of shoes, give him the creeps! He got a laugh out of some passers-by!

I should have known better than to think that my son would like something that I do… Well, they are totally mine now and I like them.

Stop back by next Tuesday and see which shoes I will have saved then. Even though many of my prettier ones have already made the cut, I still have a few that are pleasing to the eye of any shoe person. And, of course, there are plenty more Doc’s left to go…

My online identity is dmgirl after all!



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