Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

There are a lot of things that are big in Chicago!  Skyscrapers – the Willis Tower specifically;  Lake Michigan – this is really a lake?  A slice of pizza from Giordano’s – that was really a slice?!  And something else in Chicago that is big, the Field Museum.

We have had the chance to go to Chicago twice.  The first time was the first trip away from the boy for my guy and I, and we had so much fun that we had to go again and take the boy with us.  So many things in this city can fit the description of BIG, which is the Photo Challenge for this week.

Instead of any of the other pics one might expect when thinking about Chicago – skyscrapers – I chose a column.  This was outside of the Field Museum, and as I was browsing through pics this week, I found that I had a lot of column pictures.  This one happened to be one of my favorites from my apparent column series.

Chicago is just a short 45 minute flight (plus the hour and a half it takes to drive to the airport) from me, so I have big hopes of going again and staying twice as long next time.  I also discovered a pretty big selection of shops in Chicago that I would love to have more time to enjoy!  Gonna need a big wallet for that trip though!

And since the pizza we ate at Giordano’s was the biggest, most ridiculous, piece of pizza I had ever seen or had, I had to add a picture of it too.  It was very delicious though, even despite the hour plus wait for a table.

7 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG”

  1. Like that photo of the columns of the Field Museum. It’s just one more example of how much there is to capture with a camera here in my city, Chicago. Did you know that Lake Michigan is the 5th largest lake in the world and the largest lake in any country. (Remember the other Great Lakes share a location with Canada.) I appreciate your visit to my blog and thank you for the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge Foreign post.


    1. I didn’t know that about Lake Michigan. It really is huge! You are right, so much to see in Chicago with a camera. I really enjoyed both of my visits and would gladly go a third time, camera in hand of course!


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