Sounds of the Morning (Daily Post Challenge)

It is 600 am and the first sound I hear is that of my guy’s cell phone alarm ringing from the side of the bed.  Why does he always pick the most annoying ringtone with which to start the day?  If I just lay in bed for thirty more minutes, my ears once again pull in the sound of the cell phone alarm ringing, only this time it is from under my side of the bed.  It is my phone’s turn to have it’s chance to ring the alarm, and that means that it really is time to wake up.  Waking up is not always the easiest part of the day, or even the best if staying up way to late happened the night before, but it is the most necessary.  If it weren’t for that annoying alarm, the day would never get started in a timely manner.

The house is fairly quiet first thing.  No noisy neighbors nearby, not a lot of chirping birds, and no traffic driving down the road.  There is only a distant whimper from the dog who has spent her night in the washroom and now she is ready to see the light of day.  She has to wait a few more minutes, though.  First, there is coffee to be made.  The noises of the house are starting up and those pleasant ones are about to be sounding in my ears.  The drip, drip of the coffee brewing and that low growling afterwards that lets me know it’s about done.

I get breakfast started and finally free the dog from her nightly room of confinement and we step outside.  There is a factory nearby and as I take her on a walk around the yard, I hear the hum drum of the machines going in the background.  I think I hear a rooster crowing in the distance and then remember that it probably is a rooster since my nearest neighbor has one that sometimes finds its way into his front yard.

The dog and I make our way back to the house and I open the door to the crackling and sizzling of delicious bacon cooking on the stove.  The toaster oven chimes and breakfast is done.  I go to wake up my boy, who is less than anxious to get himself out of bed, while my guy finally makes his way into the kitchen.  The fridge is opened, the coffee is poured and we sit down to eat breakfast.  I hear the hinges of the boy’s door creak and moments later, as he gives me a hug, I hear the most heart warming sound of my whole morning, “Good morning, mommy!”  Then, immediately after, the sound of the day’s first complaint, “Do I HAVE to eat eggs for breakfast?!”

The sounds of my morning are now complete!


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