Shoe Save Eighteen

It is once again Shoeper Shoesday over at so I am going to show you another pair of my shoes.  I pulled out a nicer pair from the closet again this week to save.  This pair of brown shoes has been around for about five years and they maybe get worn about twice a year.  The color of brown is just off enough to not really go with too much in my closet, but I thought green was an okay pairing for this nice summer day.  In fact, this day just happened to have been the nicest day of the whole summer!  I really wished I would have spent more time outside instead of hanging out indoors for most of it.

They are from my local Shoe Shoe – like I have said before, I am not always a big spender on shoes.  They are holding up just fine, but they aren’t very comfortable – kind of stiff, and they make noise when I wear them; that clank, clank sound, so I tend to slightly tip toe when I walk on the hardwood floors.

They look alright and they fit, sometimes that is enough for me when it comes to shoes.  I just needed some sort of reason to get them out of the closet, and this shoe challenge is giving me reason enough.