August in Instagram

The summer, for us, is officially over. The boy started school this week and I put on my teaching hat. Sixth grade, here we go!

Here is a quick look back at my month of August as seen by Instagram:

The month started with a new digital piano for the boy. He was growing out of his little keyboard with his progressing piano skills.

We got to see a real life Lamborghini on the freeway just into Memphis!

The weather cooled for just over a week and we got a little rain, so a lot of time was spent gardening – pulling weeds!

Enjoyed the rewards of my neighbor’s garden. He is very generous!

Found my favorite flower up at the family property.

Once again, won some Garden of Life Raw vitamins from twitter.

Got to see several great sunsets.

Yuki got her own sofa to sleep in – I mean, tear up.

Lastly, it is finally my turn to get a quilt made. I have only been patiently waiting for almost twelve years… 🙂

Another great month, and I am looking forward to the next one to come!


2 thoughts on “August in Instagram

  1. This may be very silly, but I’m not so good with my flora. What kind of flower is that? It’s beautiful!

    1. It is a passion flower and I don’t really know how common they are. They grow like weeds here in some fields.

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