Caught in the Act

Where I live it usually rains a lot, but not so much this summer.  This means I have to go out from time to time and water the plants, trees, bushes and flowers in the yard myself; either that or get the boy to go out and do it for me.  Usually, me going outside and spending the time to really water the yard will bring the rain on very shortly thereafter.  This was almost the case on Thursday, but only a few sprinkles came from it and I am really glad that I went out when I did.  Not to have avoided the sprinkles, but because I went outside when I did, I was able to prevent what would have been some very destructive results from some little, disgusting things!

AGH!  What has happened to my blueberry bush?  I asked myself and my guy who was outside with me.  He thought it was the resident deer that had gotten a hold of it.  I thought differently…  Almost every single leaf was gone!  As if the leaves were just stripped from the branches and nothing was left but a few discolored half-leaves that whatever got to the bush decided to leave behind along with the now bare branches.  Really, if it were the deer it seemed to me that they would have gotten any one of  my bushes much sooner than this and I would think they wouldn’t have just stopped at the leaves, but the branches would have been affected as well.

Stripped bare!

Nope, not deer, not even small creatures that have been digging up the yard.  It was something much smaller than that, and it had friends.  Lots of friends and they had moved on to the next bush.  I got out to water at just the right time!

Ugh!  Caterpillars!  I hate caterpillars, or any kind of worm for that matter.  How could they have done so much in such a little time?  I am always outside checking on the things of the yard because we do have deer and they do like at least one thing that is growing out there.  (My weeping willow tree may never have a chance!)  Plus we have armadillos digging holes all over the place so I am on the lookout for where they were the night before.  I didn’t really expect I would have to be on caterpillar watch as well.  I am now though!

Just seeing a picture of them makes me squirm!

We clipped off the branches that they were about to get started with, and any others that looked like a caterpillar might be ready to emerge from, and crushed them all!  (Yes, small creepy caterpillars were harmed in the making of this post.)  This, I suppose, is just another aspect of organic gardening.  Looking for and disposing of caterpillars is just not one of the enjoyable moments for me!

9 Replies to “Caught in the Act”

  1. Yuck, those are not cute caterpillars. They do seem to be very hungry though. Next year I am planning on an organic garden. I was thinking I would use very fine nets to keep the bugs out. I don’t know if nets would work, I think sometimes the bugs are in the soil.


    1. You probably won’t have as hard of a time with an organic garden there. Not nearly as many bugs! 🙂 Just make sure the nets go up after the flowers have been pollinated. I Have thought about using nets before. The little ones would love to help with the garden, great idea!


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