Skirts of September

Since I am showing off my shoes on Tuesday (Shoesday), I have decided to add something else to the show and tell theme, a month long series of my skirts. I did a Dressember, so why not make the month of September a Skirtember! (There will really only be showing and not a lot of telling.)

All silliness aside, I will be using this lovely month of September to get some of my skirts worn. I have done a rough count, there are 51 skirts currently hanging up in my closet, and I will plan on getting at least 30 of them worn.

I have two rules for myself: no repeats and I must wear a skirt for every day of September. Easy enough, I love a fashion challenge! On Sundays for the month I will be doing a weekly photo roundup of the skirts I have worn. This will also make for an easy post while I am transitioning to my now busy schedule. I hope I don’t lose anyone in the process. Don’t worry though, I won’t only be blogging about shoes and clothes, just on Tuesdays and Sundays! 🙂


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