Shoe Save Nineteen

This week another pair of brown shoes got saved.  I really like these shoes and I decided to not wear them with the same outfit I wore them with last time, even though the two go so well together.  I chose this great dress and a not as great t-shirt-over-the-dress look instead.  I know, I always sometimes make the nice clothes I have look a bit too casual.  The dress, however, was a bad idea for today, and I almost thought the shoes would have been as well.

This storm called Issac is headed up toward where I live and I didn’t realize, but today was the day the bands of rain were scheduled to be in my area.  It was windy and I was wearing a full skirt.  I walked around most of the day through parking lots with my dress gathered in one hand so that I wouldn’t end up with some kind of ‘wardrobe malfunction’.  Then, I started to get worried I would have to leave the store barefoot if the rain came because I wouldn’t want to ruin my hardly worn shoes!  Well, the rain never came and I even got to pose in the yard for some self-portraits without one drop to be had.

The shoes are from Payless and I am very happy with the comfort, the style, and the way they have held up.  I don’t wear them too often but when I do, I tend to do a lot of walking.  No complaints with them as of yet.

I am more than half way through with my shoe challenge.  I recently got rid of a pair and I still have to do my recount but I am not worried about any of my shoes being left behind.  Happy Shoesday everyone!

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