What’s Cooking?

I don’t consider myself much of a baker and really hardly much of a cook. I am married to a very picky eater and cooking an elaborate meal for just my boy and I doesn’t happen often. I do cook though, I cook a lot – in fact there are some days when it seems like I don’t even get out of the kitchen – and I try to make as many things from scratch as I can. But my meals are greatly lacking in variety. About a year ago, I got a letter to try Food and Wine Magazine for a limited ‘special price’ of $10. Sure, I thought, I’d try it out and maybe I would get a few new ideas. I got many ideas, but once again, why bother to cook such an elaborate meal for only two. So most of my magazines got misplaced filed away for a rainy day.

There was one recipe that I came across and I thought that it, for sure, would be made. It wasn’t for anything that had veggies in it so I knew my guy wouldn’t have any complaints.  It was a brownie recipe and who can say no to brownies?  It was not your typical brownie recipe, however, and it sounded just strange enough that I had to give it a try. This last week, I finally made something from my now expired Food and Wine subscription: Bacon, Bourbon Brownies with Pecans. Yes, there is bacon in the brownies, how weird is that?  And it wasn’t just I in the kitchen, but my guy was more than happy to help me with the project. In fact, he was part of the push to get them made. (He and my friend’s son, who has asked me almost monthly when I was gonna make them.) I have only been talking about these things for how long…?

First thing’s first, we went out and got all of the ingredients we would need, and then some…

One thing that is great about my guy helping in the kitchen is that he does a lot of the work. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I may not be able to take much credit for anything about this project but the clean up…

Bacon, in brownies?
How can you go wrong with butter and melted chocolate?

We got the bacon cooked, the pecans toasted, and melted down the chocolate, so all that was left was to mix up the rest of the ingredients.

This was about the time the boy showed up to see if we needed his help with anything. I think he was secretly watching from the living room, waiting for this very moment…

I guess it wasn’t just me helping with the clean up.

The bacon and the pecans were sprinkled on the top of the brownies before we put them in the oven and we kind of thought that it would have been better to have mixed some of the bacon in with the batter. We are gonna try it that way next time we make them.

And what came out was just delicious!  When I first read this recipe, I was not too sure at all about adding bacon into something sweet, but some time did pass before these were made and I had a chance to have tasted ice cream with bacon in it and it was really good.

My thoughts on bacon still remain the same, bacon does make EVERYTHING better!

I found a link to the recipe online should anyone be so inclined to try a little something different with their next batch of brownies:  http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/bacon-bourbon-brownies-with-pecans

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