Tag: growing up

Some Shoes to Fill

I shopped for pretty shoes, I found some, and now I am ready to give up cargo skirts and t-shirts.  Is that a weird connection?  What that just means is that I have had a style revelation, I am finally growing up a little when it comes to […]

Lost in the Details

For this week’s photo challenge I didn’t have to think too hard, in fact I didn’t think at all.  I took a pic just to have for myself, then while uploading it to my computer, I thought it would be a good one for the week. The boy […]

So Long, Fifth

I would have to say that this year may have been the fastest year of the last eleven!  I think, though, that once your ‘baby’ has made it to this point, the rest, I am told, goes by even faster!  I sure hope that is not the case. […]

Photo Friday: In the Driver’s Seat

Just when I thought I was out of ideas for a blog topic this week, something came to mind thanks to a question I came across on Facebook:  What was your first car?  And it is kind of fitting for this week, since my friend’s son is trying […]