So Long, Fifth

I would have to say that this year may have been the fastest year of the last eleven!  I think, though, that once your ‘baby’ has made it to this point, the rest, I am told, goes by even faster!  I sure hope that is not the case.

Today was our last official day of school, my boy’s last day of fifth grade, and my last day with a fifth grader – he really was in diapers yesterday!    We learned a lot in fifth grade.  Yes, ‘we’ did!  It seems everyday is a learning process, as I am getting older – I mean growing up – as my boy is as well!  Instead of just remembering all of the work he did- and I taught- I am going to remember some of the life we lived this school year.

We spent a lot of time outside doing all sorts of things.  From hunting, to hiking, to horseback riding!   The boy is turning into a regular outdoors man, but only smaller!

Some time was even spent on paper, traveling around the state via the USPS.  The boy’s flat Stanley project was a lot of fun!

There was fun in the snow and fun in the air!  The boy not only got to spend some time working on his emerging snowboarding skills, but also spent lots of time practicing his new found gymnastic skills!

And fifth grade wasn’t just about schoolwork, outside time, and extreme maneuvers; there was also a puppy that came into the picture.

And she happens to be growing just like the boy, too big and too fast!

And so another school year has passed and another one is waiting to start.  But, there is this wonderful thing called summer to look forward to first, and for us, it started today!

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