Double Shoe Save

So far I have documented two shoe saves since my start on April 1st.  If I at least document a save a week, I will make my way through my shoes with time to spare, or time to save any new pairs I might end up adding to my collection.  I started with 35 pairs and I have already added one more, so I now have 36 pairs of shoes.  There is a big chance this number will change again as I am currently hunting for the ‘perfect’ pair of flats.

I still find it kind of weird, in a funny way, to be writing a blog post about shoes.  But strangely enough, my Shoe Save Two was almost my most viewed post!  Go figure, people like to read about shoes, or at least see pictures of them, I guess.

My shoes for save three are a velvety pair of Mary Janes.  These were very popular when I was young but I never got a pair then.  It wasn’t until they were a World Market find that I ended up with mine.  They are internationally sized and a bit loose for me, but a pair of insoles makes that all go away!

(I am also trying to learn some of Photoshop in addition to self photography, and blogging.)

Pair four are an Old Navy mess up.  At least that is the only explanation I can come up with.  I wear a size 5 US women’s or a size 3 child – pretty much the reason for my woes with shoes – and I rarely find anything smaller than a 6 in most places.  So imagine my surprise to find these at Old Navy, where I have never in my life found anything on their cookie cutter wall of shoes!  They happen to be one of my most comfortable, ‘nicer’ pairs of shoes and I always tend to wear them for a night out, as was the case last week in Nashville when I briefly got to play tourist and pose for a picture by a fountain.  Four pairs down, thirty-two to go!


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