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Photo Challenge Days 28 – 34

Good morning!  It’s nice to be sitting at my computer on a Friday morning.  I used to do this quite regularly, but these days not so much.  I’m all for regularity and I really do like a regular routine. Let me remind you all that way back when […]

Canon D Photo Challenge

2018 started out as the year I would, once and for all, get my camera totally figured out.  I started the year with a bang. I was tagging along to the boy’s photography class, I was into a 52 week photography challenge of my own, there were assignments […]

Dear Diary 2018: Week 14

When you last heard from me, I had just finished up week one of boot camp.  Also, a whole week at the gym, some days morning and night.  That was a big part of last week, and it probably wasn’t until Thursday that I even got dressed into […]

The Outtakes of 2017

2017!?  Who still even remembers that year?  Well, I remember it like it was yesterday and not almost four months ago.  In fact most of these pictures seem to me like they were just taken.  Last year was a quiet year on the blog as far as outfit […]

A Barn in Autumn

It was a misty November 3rd when I took this pictures for my Fall Barn photo.  I was waiting for the leaves to change on the bushes beside the barn, but I couldn’t wait much longer.  Besides the grass and field brush, there wasn’t much of a color […]

Vacation Journal: Days 5 and 6

Thursday, November 5th: So our trip is getting close to being over and I can’t believe it.  Why does a week away always seem to go so fast?  (Although, for you reading about it, it may seem like it’s gone on long enough.)  This day found us on […]